When fun gets deep enough it heals the world!

A few fun facts about one of our favorite food choices:

  • Cheese can be made from a variety of different milk products, including buffalo, goat and cow. While there are more than 2000 varieties of cheese worldwide, mozzarella is the most highly consumed cheese.
  • Many people shy away from cheese because of its fat content but if eaten in moderate amounts cheese is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus. (Phosphorus binds together with calcium to give us strong bones and teeth.)
  • Cheese is versatile and a great addition to many recipes. Where would we be without the hearty and comforting mac & cheese?
  • Some cheese varieties keep our teeth healthy. (see phosphorus above). Eating cheese causes the saliva to flow and rids our mouths of sugars and acids while protecting our tooth enamel.
  • What countries consume the most cheese? Denmark, Cyprus, France, Germany, Iceland many more! Canada and USA are close behind.
  • People who love cheese are called turophiles! Turophiles are cheese connoisseurs or cheese fanciers.