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Proper sanitation Practices for home cheese making


Sanitation and keeping it clean

  When we make cheese we are creating a NEST to grow GOOD bacteria and it is very easy to grow unwanted BAD bacteria too. 

  It's very important that proper sanitation methods are used to keep any unwanted bacteria from getting into your milk.

Sanitize all of your equipment and working area

You can put everything in a pot of water and boil or steam. Only immerse the probe part of a thermometer.

You can spray all your equipment and working area with a Sanitizing agent mixed with water according to the directions of the manufacturer.

Always leave your equipment to dry on its own or use paper towel to dry NEVER USE A CLOTH. Cloth can carry bacteria and can recontaminate your equipment. 

 Another way you can make sure your equipment is clean is by having a bucket of water with a sanitizer in it beside your station. Dip your spoons, measuring equipment, thermometer, knives etc, in the bucket with sanitizer before using in your milk pot. Rinse with clean water and repeat.