Take your time, look around, and learn the beginning steps to making cheese. We hope you enjoy our site. Contact us at Cheeselady@telus.net

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We cater to the beginner




We have set up this web page specifically to cater to the BEGINNER, allowing them to make delicious cheese without needing to commit to large purchases of supplies. We have  vials for a smaller purchases and Sachets when you are ready to really dive in,  allowing you to save money at every cheese. We have set this site up so that it is easy to follow and easy to understand. Kids of all ages like to make cheese too, so we strive to keep things as simple as possible so that its easy for everyone. 

  We truly believe you will want to continue making your own cheese! You will be so excited about your endeavors that you will be eagerly wanting to try more recipes and other cheeses.  We want you to feel confident in your cheese making so you can spread the word on cheese to your friends and family.  You will find virtually everything you need on this site to begin your cheese making journey. Our culture line is unique to all others with packaged vials and pouches that have the strains already mixed for you. No guess work and simple to use. Vials are much easier to measure from than pouches for the beginner. Never put your measuring spoon into a pouch as it will contaminate the remainder of your culture. Vials can easily be tipped and tapped right into your measuring spoon.

Our Face book group



How our Face book group 
"Learn to make cheese"
 was created

 We grew up making and eating soft cheeses at our dinner table. After we discovered how to make hard cheeses we decided it was a skill we wanted to share with our friends.
Most hard cheeses are made using RENNET.

Rennet cheeses are very different from acid cheeses made with vinegar or lemon juice like Ricotta or Farmers cheese. 

 We shared our new skill  with anyone that would listen and told as many people as we could that most cheeses can be made at home!

When we realized that our friends were as amazed at the cheese making process as we were, a door began to open for us that we could never have imagined. 

Our friends encouraged us to start to teach people who wanted to know more about cheese making. We were not sure if there would be many people interested. Our journey began when we posted a simple question on a local buy sell everything page on face book.

"Does anyone want to learn how to make cheese?" we asked.

A simple question we thought.

The response was huge. 

We were urged to start a group on face book and that is just what we did!​


 was born.

We created a face book page that is fun and friendly. A place to learn that is inviting and wants to see YOUR cheese. 

When you are ready to dive in, we are there to help and have fun with.

It's advantageous to have some cheesy friends on your side and our page is just that. Our membership of over 13000 people are from all over the world. Check it out!


You can do this!


Fun and exciting cheese making classes  

We offer fun and entertaining cheese  classes that will have you hooked on making cheese from the moment you cut the curd. 

We are ready for you in our onsite classroom!

When you take a class with us, we  supply you with a cheese making station equipped with everything you need to make delectable  cheese. You will be guided with accurate instruction on the correct way to add ingredients to your milk. You will learn timing and temperature control with some captivating science and  alluring secrets that cheese makers hold close! 

You do the cooking we do the coaching and 

you  take your cheese  home  

at the end of the day

If your cheese is being pressed you can leave it with us overnight and pick it up the following day. We don't mind babysitting YOUR CHEESE.

For guests that book from out of town , we love that and have other options  for you too.

 Contact us 

for lodging close to our classroom.

                  We are located on beautiful                    Vancouver Island

 in the picturesque town of

 Campbell River B.C.

  We are also known as the 

Salmon Capital 

of the world! 

Cheese and fishing! 

Can it get any better?


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We love our customers, so feel free to call with questions about our cheese shop and cheese cooking classes or shoot us a message. 

Cheese Needs

95 Petersen Rd. Campbell River, B.C. V9W 3H1 Canda

250-286-0012 Give us a call to book your appointment for almost any day of the week!

Open today

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

We are a small home based business that loves to make cheese and we bet you will too.

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