Whey No Way!

What can we do with all that whey?


You’ve done it! You’ve made yummy Cheese. 

Now what do you do with all that whey?

What is Whey any way?

Whey is a yellow liquid that is sometimes clear and sometimes cloudy.

 It’s left over after milk has curdled and from making cheese. 

It is full of protein and has lots of vitamins and minerals. 

It’s simply good for you.

 Whey is a by-product of cheese making and there is lots of it.

Out of 4 Litres of Store bought milk you will end up with approximately 3 Litres of whey! 

That’s a lot of whey. 

When you make cheese regularly and you probably will, you will get lots of whey. 

 Cheese making is an addictive hobby but in a good WHEY! (You heard it here first)!

There are two types of Whey: 

  Sweet whey and Acid whey

 Sweet whey  comes from Cheese that has been curdled from Rennet and /or a culture has been added, such as traditional mozzarella, Gouda, Feta cheese and many more.

Acid whey  comes from Cheese that has had an acid added to it to make the milk curdle such as vinegar,  lemon or citric acid.

 Quick Mozzarella or Farmers cheese are cheeses that produce acid whey.

Little miss Muffet sat on her Tuffet. Remember that? Well there really is a meaning to that lil rhyme!

15 Ideas of the different things you can do with Whey​

1. Use it in soups and stews where ever water is required. You will be adding more than flavor to your recipe!

​ 2.  Add it to your smoothies or protein shakes in the morning or anytime to get that added extra healthy boost we all need.

 3.   Freeze is for later use. When we have too much whey we put it in a Ziploc freezer bag and freeze it.  We also we put whey it into ice cube containers when we don't have too much and then into a Ziploc bag.   Those frozen bags of whey make great Ice bags in a cooler for camping or for sore and tired muscles that need some help

4.   We grow all our own veggies. Tomato plants love the acid in whey and the calcium too. If you garden water down your whey first and then pour it at the base of your acid loving plants. We grow 6 types of berries and use whey for all of them. It’s best to use sweet whey for your garden as acid whey, in bigger quantities can be harsh on our environment.

​ 5.  Marinate your meet! Yup that’s right. Put some whey in a baggie and add your spices then add the meat. Chicken steak or pork even salmon.  The enzymes in whey help to breakdown the meat, leaving a softer texture and adding flavor.

  6.   Feed it to your dogs. It’s good for digestion and good for their coats too. Not too much at a time though. Just enough to water down their food and make it extra yummy. (When visiting a friend who has two of the nicest loving big dogs, I gave them a little too much  whey and needless to say my friend was not so happy with me when the over flow of whey came back up all over her and her big  chair.)

 She still loves us though lol

7.    Use whey instead of water to cook your potatoes, pasta and rice.

​8.    You can use whey to make sauerkraut quicker than the traditional method. A ½ cup in the bottom of the jar will kick start your Kraut and  make it taste delicious in 3 days. AND READY TO EAT! Now that's fast.

9.   Your livestock can benefit from whey too. Chickens love it when you soak their food in whey first. They gobble it up. Turkeys too lol

10.   Whey has Lactic acid and what is that great for sluffing off old skin cells from our bodies. Sounds kind of gross but women love this beauty secret. Add whey to a wash cloth and wash your face. Rinse and feel smooth healthy skin.

11.    We use whey in bathwater regularly and love it. Just ½ c. to 3 c. works great for us.

12.   Ginger, Honey and whey make a great yummy warm drink when you have a nasty cold. Mix it together and heat. It helps to boost the immune system and is easy to keep down when suffering from a flu or cold.

13.   Use whey instead of water when making bread by hand or bread machine. It make the bread rise higher and has a richer flavor. You won't be disappointed,

14.   Brine that bird. Yes. You can brine your turkey or chicken with whey.  It makes the best tender and juicy turkey and chicken you will  ever have.